I am the alienator

I have to reblog this. It is a true and very-well worded portrait of the mind of parents and other familial influencers who, in their own interest and for their own selfish reasons, turn children against the other parent. My son’s father is an alienator and my sisters help him along in it. READ this, take it in – if you see yourself in it, please consider what you are doing to your child, not just your ex! And if you, like me, are on the receiving end, I sincerely hope that someday your relationship with your child begins anew.

Karen Woodall

I am an alientor. You know me well. You lived with me once and you witnessed my behaviour patterns but you did not spend time studying and internalising them. I know your behaviour patterns better than you know them yourself. I know how to measure you, test you and control you. I know what your hooks are and I know that the depth of the love for your children is a weakness I can exploit. I am an emotional terrorist. I will terrify you into submission. You will do as I tell you to do, if you do not, I will take your children away.

I am an alienator, you didn’t notice that when we lived together but I began my work long before we went our separate ways. I created fissures and fractures within our family and I managed and manipulated reality, though for a long time you did…

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