Looking Back – A Runaway

I was awake in the middle of the night recently, unable to sleep, which is of course when my mind starts running full bore. For some reason, my mind when back to something I did in high school, something that has stayed with me ever since in certain ways. I was a senior in high … More Looking Back – A Runaway


On A Lighter Note…

Well, not really a lighter note, but a general life moment. I have started enjoying coffee in my backyard during the morning hours lately.  I so love sitting and watching all the different birds that play in our yard, at the bird feeders and birdbath. In fact, I absolutely love our new back yard in … More On A Lighter Note…

The Chains of Life

  I bought a book of Mark Twain quotes recently, and this one really hit me: “We are strange beings, we seem to go free, but we go in chains – chains of training, custom, convention, association, environment – in a word, Circumstance – and against these bonds the strongest of us struggle in vain.” … More The Chains of Life