My First Experience With Being “Gaslit “

(Image from Google Images) I know what the term “gaslighting” means but have never used it in relation to myself. Sure, my messed up siblings have done their share of it to me over the last decade of drama and estrangement but that was all before the term gaslighting became a thing. Basically it is … More My First Experience With Being “Gaslit “


The Power of Acceptance

Acceptance – the hardest, most illusive stage of grief, often not even remotely attainable. So imagine my surprise when I recently realized I have found acceptance within an unacceptable situation. I am a first-time grandmother to a wonderful, beautiful little grandson, a grandson I will probably only ever know by photographs and maybe, oh how … More The Power of Acceptance

Masks vs. Reality

Have you ever noticed there are people in this life who only like you when you’re all happy happy joy joy? But heaven forbid you display something else, feel something else – well then you just aren’t as much fun to be around anymore. So then what? Be yourself but end up feeling empty and … More Masks vs. Reality