Find Support

Please click on the links below:

SUICIDE PREVENTION – suicide prevention lifeline

DAILY STRENGTH – an online website and forum for all types of support groups.

SLAA – Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous

SIA – Survivors of Incest Anonymous, for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

AA – Alcoholics Anonymous

ADAA – Anxiety & Depression Association of American

ESTRANGEMENT – a website devoted to helping those going through different estrangements

TALK SPACE – a website for online therapy with licensed therapists

MISOPHONIA – an informational website about Misophonia (sensitivity to certain sounds)

HYPERACUSIS – an informational website about Hyperacusis (sensitivity to loud sounds)


3 thoughts on “Find Support

  1. Congratulations on your Word Press blog! Could we follow each other? It sounds like you’ve really dug out a great number of support resources. And I wonder how you learned Word Press so well. My entries on incest are sort of buried in a description of my first book, “Fallout: A Survivor Talks to Incest Offenders,” on my blog page about my books, which I self-published on Create Space. Did you keep a journal? About half my book is composed of journal entries, including drawings. The problems I still have revolve around “perspective.” I’ve identified a patterrn of mild dissociation, but the problem–like you–I have trouble conceptualizing is that I can’t visualize others as both sexual beings as well as people. I can’t get that meld working for me. I don’t mean any huge disabling misperception, but at the level of my imagination. If you should ever read my book–it’s on Amazon–I’d appreciate your honest feedback on it. People rather actively avoid reading on the topic. I got a lot of support from SIA, but then the leaders moved away. Until I did research for my book I never realized how much my personality had been shaped by the incest. Even though I’d had therapy, it didn’t focus on the incest. I’m a retired psychologist who ran a sex offender treatment program, but for all intents and purposes I was still in the closet until I “came out” with my book..

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