Wedding Countdown – 3 days

Talk about bad timing! This picture is all over the news right now. Did it have to be just before my son’s wedding? I teared up when I first heard this story about a father that momentarily stopped walking his daughter down the isle to go and get her step-father to join them. He felt the … More Wedding Countdown – 3 days


And So It Begins…

I have thought it odd that there seems to be Facebook silence in regards to my son’s wedding. No posts about the wedding between my son and his fiance; no posts of excitement from family. Until today – my son’s stepmom posted this on my son’s page: “This week is already flying by, I can’t … More And So It Begins…

Anxiety Attack

Here I thought I had been strong lately, feeling a little more positive about the wedding and family reunion this weekend, and then yesterday – BAM – massive anxiety attack!  It hit out of nowhere while I was at work.  In the past, I have had minor anxiety/panic attacks but this was something altogether different. … More Anxiety Attack

Bad News

I just got the news that my precious, little doggie has cancer. Three tumors – 2 small ones and then one big one taking up half of his liver. We maybe have 6 months to a year if we are lucky. It depends on how fast it progresses and then quality of life issues once … More Bad News

I am the alienator

Originally posted on Karen Woodall:
I am an alientor. You know me well. You lived with me once and you witnessed my behaviour patterns but you did not spend time studying and internalising them. I know your behaviour patterns better than you know them yourself. I know how to measure you, test you and control…

Can They Push Too Far?

Today I am going to write about something that isn’t expressed very often.  It is felt by many but unfortunately won’t be understood by many others. Estrangement is a terrible, complex and complicated thing. As a parent of an adult child who estranged from me, I have felt a pain that you can’t imagine if you … More Can They Push Too Far?