Peoples’ perception of me is out of my control.  Depending on the person, I’ll be seen as a hero or a villain, a truth-sayer or a liar.  The real choice is whether I choose to evolve by… Source: Musings

“Thoughts Through Art” Series

This image is so striking to me. Surrounded by blinding darkness, there is still light if we can just see it, and then take the courageous step to climb out of the darkness and into that light. It may only be one step at a time and each step may seem too much to handle … More “Thoughts Through Art” Series


Finding Validation

Wow, wow, wow. Something interesting has happened, something good. What is it about finding validation that allows us to finally be able to breathe freely again? To be free of the weight suffocating our chests? I have spent the last 6 years wondering how no one else in my twisted family could see the truth. … More Finding Validation

A “Thank You”

I feel something today, something strange, something I haven’t felt in a long time: hope and thankfulness. It feels good, it feels strange, it feels…like I can breathe again. I want to thank you all, all my followers as well as those who just stop in to read a post or two. When I started … More A “Thank You”