Draw A Tree & See Who You Are

Strange title – I know. But stay with me on this. I want you to to draw a tree, right now if you can and before reading further. Just a single tree however you want to draw it, doesn’t have to be perfect.  Once you are done, continue on with this post. When I was … More Draw A Tree & See Who You Are


A Letter To Myself

My dearest Sarah, you have been to hell and back. You have fought your way through the mud and the muck, wrapped yourself up tightly through a raging rivers of tears, got knocked off mountains only to jump right back on, and when you found yourself on the jagged, narrow edge, looking down as the dust of death reached up … More A Letter To Myself

This Is How I Feel

Finally! It has been difficult to explain why I emailed my sister; the words to explain just haven’t been quite right. Sometimes it is almost impossible to explain a feeling in words. This morning I made a new playlist on my cell phone which included songs I haven’t listen to in years. I was driving, … More This Is How I Feel