Family Estrangement – Continued

The last five years have been a mix of emotions, a bit of a roller coaster ride. After the moving incident with my parents, my family slowly pushed me further away. I still don’t know what I did to deserve it. Since when is supporting your parents’ health such a terrible, repulsive thing? I never … More Family Estrangement – Continued


Motherhood Lost

The sexual abuse I suffered as a child took away from me the most valuable and special thing a woman can experience – motherhood. The depression I felt after my son was born grew rapidly and I completely fell apart. I didn’t really understand what PTSD was at the time. Hell, I don’t think even … More Motherhood Lost

A Teen Pregnancy

When I was 18 years old, a couple months after a bad breakup with a guy that was somewhat emotionally abusive, I met Dave. He was the cousin of my best friend’s boyfriend, which my friend and I thought that was so damn cool. Dave wasn’t extremely handsome but he was incredibly nice. After feeling torn … More A Teen Pregnancy

When Memory Fails

One PTSD symptom of survivors of incest is to forget or repress memories of their abuse.  Up until about 5 years ago, I have to admit I never understood this.  How can those awful, terrible images just disappear from the mind?  I feel differently now though, as I have come to realize two separate memory … More When Memory Fails

A Word About Me

In describing my sisters, in all fairness to them, I have to describe myself as well.  The person I am now is a long story for another time, so let me start with how I used to be, pre family estrangement.  I was the youngest by far, 12 years between my brother and I, 8 … More A Word About Me

Why I Blog

It amazes me how many things are inter-twined in life.  Although I have not explained it all yet, I have dealt with and moved on from my family estrangement, although my son’s is still very present and we are working on possibly rebuilding our relationship.  That part is hard though because I know even if … More Why I Blog