The New Normal?

I am sad lately, sad at where this world is heading and with this new “normal” we are seeing in basic humanity – murder based on race and revenge, acceptance of  discriminatory views in our politicians, the intentional harm perpetrated on friends and family for selfish gain. What is happening?  Why are we okay with … More The New Normal?

Drowning In The Void

I almost titled this “Falling Inside The Black” but I wasn’t sure how many would know what I meant by it. Actually, “void” isn’t even the correct word right now as I am drowning in everything BUT the void! “Falling in the black Slipping through the cracks Falling to the depths can I ever go … More Drowning In The Void

Grief Realized

Yesterday, we lost our little dog. In the early morning dark hours in bed, our beloved little boy went into a massive sneezing fit. When we turned on the light, there was blood sprayed everywhere.  Our hearts sunk and we knew it was time – we couldn’t let him suffer or live in pain. I let … More Grief Realized

Phantom Pain

I am a bit frustrated today. For about 5 months now, I have been experiencing mild to sometimes severe pain in the lower back of my head, both sides, all the way across really. It creates tension in my upper neck too. It hurts my head/neck to turn my head too far in either direction. I … More Phantom Pain