My First Experience With Being “Gaslit “

(Image from Google Images) I know what the term “gaslighting” means but have never used it in relation to myself. Sure, my messed up siblings have done their share of it to me over the last decade of drama and estrangement but that was all before the term gaslighting became a thing. Basically it is … More My First Experience With Being “Gaslit “


Caught Up In The Bad

“Hell on earth. I’d seen slivers of that place myself, seen its flames flicker.. seen evil intentions…there’s a little bit of hell on earth, and you never know when you’re going to see it next.” I read this passage in a fictional novel over the weekend and did it ever stand out to me! It … More Caught Up In The Bad

Unsent Letters

I recently re-read a few of my Unsent Letter posts and it is amazing how well words tumble out when we can just be openly, blatantly honest. I don’t even remember writing some of it, but the power of coming back to my own words, well written words, can be uplifting. It’s good to remember … More Unsent Letters