This Christmas….

This has not been a banner holiday year for me. I am trying to wear the smile and trying to feel the holiday spirit, but it is eluding me thus far. There is just so much this year: continued estrangement from my son, family issues, health issues, the first anniversary of the loss of our … More This Christmas….

On The Way Down…

I need some emotional support this morning, my friends. I am in a dark place. It has come on rather suddenly, as in the last few days.  I figure the holidays have something to do with it but I feel it worse right now than in many holiday seasons past, since all the family drama. … More On The Way Down…

Latent Anger

Today is Veterans Day and I am finding that it has unfortunately brought out some latent anger in me.  My estranged son is in the Navy and this day always brings out bad emotions. I was listening to the radio this morning and the DJ’s were talking about Veterans Day and how we should be thankful for those … More Latent Anger

Truth & Lies

There is something that has been on my mind for years now and it just came up again yesterday.  Here it is – why is it so hard for people to believe the truth, yet they will accept lies so willingly? Allow me to explain. Years ago, before all the family drama and estrangements, my … More Truth & Lies

Catching Up

I’m sorry that I have been away for so long. Sometimes it seems like I have so much to say yet can’t put it into words anymore. Let me catch y’all up on how things are. I started a new job – and for the first time in about 7 years, it’s a good one! … More Catching Up

The New Normal?

I am sad lately, sad at where this world is heading and with this new “normal” we are seeing in basic humanity – murder based on race and revenge, acceptance of  discriminatory views in our politicians, the intentional harm perpetrated on friends and family for selfish gain. What is happening?  Why are we okay with … More The New Normal?

Drowning In The Void

I almost titled this “Falling Inside The Black” but I wasn’t sure how many would know what I meant by it. Actually, “void” isn’t even the correct word right now as I am drowning in everything BUT the void! “Falling in the black Slipping through the cracks Falling to the depths can I ever go … More Drowning In The Void