On A Lighter Note…


Well, not really a lighter note, but a general life moment. I have started enjoying coffee in my backyard during the morning hours lately.  I so love sitting and watching all the different birds that play in our yard, at the bird feeders and birdbath. In fact, I absolutely love our new back yard in our new house. We have blue jays, cardinals, chickadees, thrashers, robins and many others, all different colors and chirps.  We even have lizards, squirrels and turtles that stop by on occasion. It is so peaceful and almost renewing. The problem is – there is this cat, our neighbors outdoor cat. Now let me say that I am not a cat person but I do not hate cats.  I do however hate this cat!

My initial hatred for this cat came when I arrived home one day and he was in our yard – when I said “hello”, he mustered this strangled, muffled “meow” back at me as a he sprayed the bushes by our front door! Excuse me?  Oh no you didn’t! WTF?

Then, one morning, while pulling weeds, something caught my eye – the cat running across the yard with a lizard half way hanging out of its mouth. Well shit! I don’t like to see any living thing suffer. Ok, now I am starting to get pissed off. And then, I was in the kitchen one day and again, something caught my eye out the window – that damn cat running by with one of my lovely birds gripped in its teeth! Noooooooo!!!! It brought me to tears. Dammit!! I’m gonna kill that cat!

Now obviously I wouldn’t do that but to say I was livid is putting it lightly. Why do people keep outdoor cats anyway? I don’t want this cat killing wildlife that I am enticing into my backyard! I know it’s nature but I don’t want to have the birds in my yard just to be killed by some damn cat. So, now whenever I see the cat, I run at it to scare it away, hoping that eventually he will just stay the hell out of our yard.

So now this morning, enjoying my coffee, I look over and that damn cat is on top of the bird feeder drinking water. Damn, he’s stealthy! My initial reaction was to run at it, but then me being me, I didn’t want to keep him from getting water – what if he doesn’t have water somewhere else?  Better to let him finish drinking and then I will run at him, which I did.  But during this little fiasco, I had to laugh at myself – here I hate this damn cat and yet I am still concerned about its well-being. It made me giggle enough that I had to post about it.

Life can be so funny sometimes…



9 thoughts on “On A Lighter Note…

  1. Haha I was about to suggest the same. And if you want to be able to get him out a window, a water gun would do the job. Inexpensive, and dare I say it, quite fun. All my neighbours have cats that invite themselves into my little garden. The worst thing is they poop in my flower beds and then bury it, so when I’m digging out weeds I get the occasional nasty surprise.

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  2. This s is my LIFE!!!, I never go anywhere because I cannot drive, my morning joy comes from sitting on my deck with my dog and having breakfast.watching the birds. Well a cat sprayed my whole deck door. Hate. Serious hate. Then he sprayed outside my front window,nthen by my car.ndaioy anxiety over this cat now and I wanted to kill him. Thought about having my neighbor trap him. Wanted this cat dead. And yet….I don’t. I think I just wish he’d go the freak away from my house!!!!! Because he is ruining my serene to me and that comes few and far between. We tried orange peels, cayenne pepper uhhhhhh. Today my jasmine,mimosa, and gardenia are blooming and I consider it a blessing that for today this cat did not spray and so I could enjoy nice scents. Just so you know….you can mix hydrogen peroxide,laundry detergent, baking soda, in a jug or water and pour it over whe he sprayed and the smell will be gone.

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    1. I am so sorry you are dealing with this, even though I am laughing as I read your words. I’m so happy that someone else understands. 🙂 So far, he doesn’t seem to spray in our back yard… yet.


      1. Lol! At one point we had 6 cats and 2 dogs. I love my animals! I get so upset at people who dump them and then we get all these strays spraying about! Whats funny is every one of our animals got dumped and we took them in! But im in no place to take in animals so right now im just annoyed at this one! I think when you have a lot on your plate you just dont want to deal with one more thing. This muscle disease makes everything more complicated! Im glad he isnt soraying your back yard! May the sprayers go away! 😂

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