Is It As Simple As This?


“To love is to heal; to hurt is to steal.” These are lyrics from the song “Mysterious Ways” by U2. I have heard this song many times over but this particular line caught my attention recently.

To love it to heal. Is life really just this simple?  Can everything be explained in just this one simple statement? For me, then answer is a resounding YES! I have had a lot of hurt in my life, more than a fair share, all the while knowing though that others have had ever more than I. On the flip side, I haven’t had a  lot of love, not true, unconditional love. But the love I have found had a healing power beyond anything I have ever known. Love really does heal. It’s unfortunate that it is such a hard thing to find.

To hurt is to steal. More than I ever realized. Believe it or not, after the things I have been through, I look back now on the few times I have willfully hurt someone in my past and I am so mad at myself and wish I could apologize. I did those things before I ever realized the weight of it, the effect. They were small things but they hurt someone just the same. I do believe that hurting someone steals something away from them. For me, at one point I had lost pretty much everything, pieces stolen here and there, over and over again, and I was left feeling like I was caught in riptide, being pulled under over and over again, with the thought to just give in, give up, and let it take me under. I came so close but alas I screamed ‘NO’ and fought my way back to the surface. So much was stolen from me, and some things I gave away, tossed away – certain things were my fault too, but I wasn’t about to let others be the cause of a life ended, snuffed out. Then they would have won and there was no way in hell I was going to give them that satisfaction. Amazingly, I had to learn to love myself, to value myself, to start healing.  The love of my husband certainly helped, but it wouldn’t have done a thing had I not found me, accepted me, first. You have to love yourself enough to pull yourself up and out.

Now, I am so aware of my actions- could they hurt others, could they steal the light from someone else?  None of us is perfect and sometimes pain happens indirectly. But, I have made a promise to myself to be aware and to try to love as much as possible. For as much light that was stolen from me, I want to bring light back to others.  Please join me…




3 thoughts on “Is It As Simple As This?

    1. Hey now, some of the best conversations have come forth form disagreements. Like I have always said, I can handle the truth, respect it even, even if someone’s else’s truth is different from mine. 🙂

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