“Thoughts Through Art” Series


This image is so striking to me. Surrounded by blinding darkness, there is still light if we can just see it, and then take the courageous step to climb out of the darkness and into that light. It may only be one step at a time and each step may seem too much to handle but each step up is a step further away from down.

The power is within each of us, we just have to find it and hold onto it. No one can save us – we have to save ourselves. In this image, I don’t see that someone offered the ladder to help; instead I see that I built that ladder, one rung at a time, and the further I get towards the light, the more light shines upon me.

I have come along way from the girl who couldn’t see the light, the girl who knew I would never find it, to the girl I am now – the one who climbed my way out of the abyss.  I’m still climbing but now there is more light than dark.

What do you see?


(Image taken from Google Images)

10 thoughts on ““Thoughts Through Art” Series

  1. what a brilliant insight. coincidentally I mentioned that no one is coming to save us in my post too. we are all still learning to help ourselves and your post strikes me. thank you 🙂


  2. I love this image Sarah. I work as a tutor of resilience and we talk a lot about overcoming adversities. I often feel when I have passed through traumas and hard times that I have fallen in a hole and I need to climb out of it. Sometimes I can do that on my own and sometimes people reach down and help pull me up. Knowing how to reach out to the right people is super important too.


  3. First quick glance and it looked like a Graduation hat to me – from an aerial point of view. The ladder is hidden in darkness so we only see the glory and end result. I think what this picture says to me is I have to work out my own way to get on the first rung. It is not always clear if you have started climbing a ladder but at some point- perhaps midway a light will shine and clarity will come -fleeting or wholly and the will to keep on climbing will start to make sense to motivate you to carry on. If I am scared I may look down and think maybe I don’t want to carry on climbing but looking down intoo the darkness is a lot more scary that seeing a bright light up ahead… I really enjoyed this Sarah. Thanks


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