A Poem – “Breaking Free”


Broken into pieces and tossed

upon the ground.

Weeping, slowly bleeding,
never uttering a sound.
Dirt beneath my limbs
deeply ground into my nails,
pulling slowly forward,
still bound by all life’s fails.
Bands of blood and veins restrain
my every escape attempt.
But my bruised and battered hands
are full of strength and contempt.
I turn around and scream a shrill
so loud, it snaps the bands,
All that time, this strength of mine
was resting in my own hands.
I take that strengthΒ and let it grow
as I face this new fork in the road.
I want to share more faith and love
than I was ever showed.
Β© 2016 Sarah W.
(Image taken from Google Images)

13 thoughts on “A Poem – “Breaking Free”

  1. Wow! Powerful. Take the strength and let it grow. Break the bands. Share the faith and love.
    Trials of this life aren’t lovely, but the monument of strength that it makes of one who overcomes is more than worth it.

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    1. Awe – thank you sweetness. It was a little darker of a poem coming from me, but I think it’s because I can look back now and see just how dark things really were. And I am so thankful I found my way out. πŸ™‚

      And there may be a poet in you! I am not a true poet – in fact, every submission I have made to literary publications has been rejected. I have been told, “This poem reads like a flat line. There is no energy or nothing to push it on.” And, “What we liked: We like that the poems have a lot of heart. What we think needs work: They felt a little cliche, and not much energy.” It almost caused me to stop writing poetry! But then I realized, who is to say what is good and what is bad? We all see and interpret things differently. If what I write is from the heart and touches someone, then it is worth it and I will keep writing.

      Now I should say, I have never tried submitted my darker works. I fear the response to those.


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