Turning Trauma Into Hope


I saw this image and felt it so represents who I am and how I hope to be.

I have read so many blogs and blog posts that share the openness and honesty of others in their darkest hours and moments. It touches me deeply because I so remember being there, trudging through the darkness, using all my effort just to put one foot in front of the other, trying to keep the will, any will, to survive.

Now, as I have begun to heal and move forward, all I feel deep inside is the desire to help others through their dark moments.  I just want them, want you, to know that you are not alone, event though it feels like it. There is someone who hears you and understands you and appreciates you and fully knows the effort it takes to deal with trauma and anxiety and get through it. You can make it out! The only guarantee I have for you is that you will not make it out unscathed – that’s the cold and honest truth – but the scars you have will make you so much stronger. You will find a strength and courage that will surprise you.

I hope that I am the moon for someone out there, helping you to see through the darkness. We are each so valuable in so many ways. Honestly, this is the first post in a while that has choked me up as I write it. I see how very far I have come, sometimes I still can’t believe it. I want that for you too…


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