“Thoughts Through Art” Series


This goes hand in hand with my last post – I have thought this so many times throughout my life. I have always felt misunderstood. Some people look at me and see the smile I use to hide my pain and they criticize away at me and my life and my choices. What most don’t know or see is the life long abuse that got me there, the dirty hands that touched me, the hurtful words that scared me, the actions that told me I was unloved, and the lies that changed my life – all at the hands of others.

I never thought of it as a price paid before – I have always looked at is as the sacrifices I have made to stay alive despite haunting thoughts and memories, sacrifices made to be able to say “I’m okay”, to be able to keep moving on, to be able to rise above it all and know my life means something. This is why I try to be understanding of others, even of my sisters. Childhood abuse changed them too, we just reacted in different ways.

What are your thoughts?


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17 thoughts on ““Thoughts Through Art” Series

  1. Very good post. I was phsyical abused as a child. And I carried the pain of my youth with me. The, one day I realized that by remembering the pain and violence I was only reliving it. When I decided to move on, my life changed dramatically. In the end, the abuse and violence is not who I am, it is only describes the victim I was.

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    1. ” In the end, the abuse and violence is not who I am, it is only describes the victim I was.” I can’t tell you how powerful what you just wrote is! there is such truth in it. I am so glad that each of us had found a way to look forward.

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  2. What people think of you is their job if you think about it, when will you do yours? People judge and they always will. We all do just the quantum and type differs. It is inherent in humans to deduce things they see and listen. People perceive things as they want to all we can do is do what we feel like and leave the rest on them and stop caring about what they have to say. One of the bloggers Barbaramarincel out here has pointed out rightly that it speaks a lot about their character


  3. There is a great saying ” Be kind, for everyone you know is fighting a hard battle.” (Plato) when people judge you it says a lot more about them than about you! Trust your own inner compass and to hell with the jerks.

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  4. I’m new to reading your blog. The way that you continue and keep on caring for other people when you have suffered so greatly and it is still, no doubt, so painful and so hard for you to be heard, is striking. Thank you for your honesty and helping me to try to find the way too.
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award:
    Ginny xxx

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  5. I often find that people who criticize others a lot, do have some sort of issues themselves.. they may be projecting their own deepseated, (sometimes subconscious) sense of failure, onto someone else… or they may have problems feeling empathy/compassion.. we just have to remember, that a lot of times, the criticizing is not about us, but about themselves… hugs.💙

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  6. When people criticize me without knowing why I am where I am, or do that to others, I always think of the quote, “Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.” – Barry Switzer.

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