How To Be Happy – Step 4 of 12


“You can’t please everybody. Don’t let criticism worry you.” (Robert Louis Stevenson)

Did I ever learn this one in the last few years! I was always a people-pleaser, the one who always tried to smooth everything over between others, who always tried to avoid confrontation and didn’t speak up for my own opinion. Life that way sucks! But of course, as soon as I finally spoke up in my family about something really important, and my views went against my sisters – they did things to harm me and estranged from me. Do I regret speaking up? No, I honestly do not. It taught me who they really were and it felt good to finally stand up for myself and to ultimately stand on my own two feet.

You truly can’t please everybody. Everyone thinks and acts differently. The best we can do is just accept when someone else disagrees. It’s rare that people will hurt you or just plain walk away from you. I was just unfortunate that my family sucks.

Criticism – that on the other hand is difficult for me, always has been. I take it so hard, too hard. I am trying to transition from letting it make me feel like I’m stupid or unworthy to letting it be a learning experience. No matter how much we know, there is always more to learn – there is no perfect person out there. Criticism hurts the most when, deep inside, we know there is some truth in it; it’s hard to see something negative about ourselves. But just imagine what would happen if we could work on and fix that part of us, if we could grow – we’d be better off in the long run. Criticism is a learning experience and not a dig at us. Most of the time anyway, the rest of the time it’s just cruel or narcissistic people, and what they think about us doesn’t much matter anyway – it’s their fake reality, not ours!

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8 thoughts on “How To Be Happy – Step 4 of 12

  1. First, that Stevenson quote is perfect. Really good post. Nowadays, reality TV and people like Simon Cowell (of American Idol) have made it fashionable to be mean in their criticisms. Unfortunately, that is the direction our society is moving in because people can hide behind social media when they try to hurt others.
    None of us like criticism. We want to hear good things about ourselves. But when you begin to think and realize that no one is perfect your ability to accept criticism becomes a little easier, Try to surround yourself with positive people, who will offer constructive criticism; and not the trolls who try to tear you down.
    And you may be a little surprised by what I am about to say.You are VERY STRONG. We write and post our thoughts, inhibitions, fears, and emotions on our blogs. Every time we do that we are exposing ourselves to the public. With every post you ar standing beofere the critics waiting to hear their reactions.
    So, you are a lot braver than you think.
    Really nice post. Bravo.


  2. This is THE post I needed to read today. I was on the verge of tears until I read this. I just got my performance review back from work and even though I did excellent, the only thing my depression could focus on was the negative criticism. You are so right! It’s so hard to accept that you have flaws. These are minor things that I need to work on and improve upon. They aren’t a dig at my personality; they are a learning experience. Thanks so much for this. It really warmed my heart.

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