“Thoughts Through Art” Series


This is so how I feel much of the time! I start to do better or move forward but anxiety won’t quite let go of its tortured hold on me. I think this is true for a lot of us. For me right now, with the move ahead and a new job ahead, I feel anxiety trying to seep into my veins and cloud my thinking.

I see something unique in this picture: through the use of color, her head, heart and feet are all affected by anxieties grasp. Isn’t this the truth of it all?  Anxiety affects our thoughts, our feelings, and our ability to step away and forward. I never thought of it like that until now.

What do you see? How does this picture make you feel?


16 thoughts on ““Thoughts Through Art” Series

  1. This is really powerful for me. I feel like, if my mother saw that I was too happy, she would say something to cut me down. As a result, happiness triggers anxiety in me. In my lizard brain, feeling happy means something bad is going to happen.

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    1. “happiness triggers anxiety in me” – you couldn’t have said it any better than this. I know this feeling, this particular pain, and through family as well. I always wait for more bad to come but I am trying to break out of that defeatest mindset. It’s a process. HUGS to you my dear!

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  2. I think:She is not entirely passive… she talks to anxiety (is aware, is actively trying to question why it is there)… she grabs a hold of its arm (as if to try to get away from it)… so even if it has a grip on her in this moment, I also see hope for her to get away, (Just like thelonelyauthor did, but I noticed other details). 🙂

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  3. I see someone trying to decide what boot to wear (notice the different color boots) and the decision is making her anxious. I learned of a phrase this morning that fits my anxiety, paralysis by analysis. Some of us tend to overthink things that leads us to not doing the thing at all. We all need to stop over analyzing things and just let them happen. We cannot connect the dots moving forward, we can only connect them looking back.

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