A Poem – “Out of Stagnation”



I awake from a restless slumber

as I exhale a labored sigh.

Another day,

another dollar,

neither of which will last long.

I get up,

go to work,

come home,

eat dinner,

watch TV,

go to bed.

It’s always the same

day after day,

month after month,

year after year.

There has to be more!

How can I feel the sun kiss

my weary face each morning?

How can I bask in its warmth

and beauty?

This endless rut sucks the very life

from these tired bones.


I have it

but motivation lacks.

Oh dear wonderful life –

find me –

fill me –

bring me out from my shell.

Open my eyes

to the beauty in the small things.

Let me find joy

and let my smile shine bright.

This life is short

and I want to know more

than work, eat, sleep.


© 2016 Sarah W.

(Photo from Google Images)













11 thoughts on “A Poem – “Out of Stagnation”

    1. Thank you. It was one of those poems I wrote not being sure where it would lead. I started with the first few sentences and the rest just decided on its own. It’s in these cases where I have found that I learn and grow.


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