A Poem – “Say What?”

“My time hated me

but to the fool, wise.”

© 2016 Sarah W.


Okay, so in the midst of waking up from many different dreams, I have taken notice of trying to read words in front of me in the dream – these words and sentences never make any logical sense. This morning, the above mini poem came out as I awoke. It was vivid enough that I wrote it down immediately. I spent a little while trying to make sense of it. The truth is, it may mean absolutely nothing at all. But, here is what I think I have taken from it:

It has seemed to me for a while now that in the times we life in, the truth is undervalued and lies and dishonesty seem so easy for all to believe. In my life, my family for the most part has believed me, the truth teller, to be a liar and my sisters, the liars, to be the speakers of truth. And so, my sisters and those like them are wise to the times, wise to the fact the dishonesty is golden.

What do you take from this half-asleep poem?


12 thoughts on “A Poem – “Say What?”

      1. The hardest part for me to remember in my healing is that my truth is my truth, to never expect an apology because the people who are in my past are not capable of that. I wish it was different sometimes, but for me I have to accept that in order to heal. Sure helps to have others get it though…doesnt it!

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      2. You are so right – “never expect an apology because the people who are in my past are not capable of that.” This is exactly it! Doing that was one of the things that allowed me to finally let go and start healing. And yes, I will always wish it had been different, but I won’t live my life trying to make it so. My truth IS my truth and I finally learned that that is enough. 🙂 HUGS!

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