“Thoughts Through Art” Series


(Photo taken from MSN images linked to: www.aculife.ie)

This image makes me feel sad. In it, I see sadness, loneliness, grief, regret, longing, depression, and yet I can also see hope in a way. In relation to my life, I can see abandonment, estrangement, abuse, longing and grief. You see, I am the bear! I may be looking back on my crap life and those who hurt me or I may be looking forward to what my life could be one day, what I want it to be. In that lies my hope…

What do you see? And are you looking back or ahead?


22 thoughts on ““Thoughts Through Art” Series

    1. I see all of those too. I think to some extent, we see what we are feeling in our own lives. If we can contemplate and understand why, then we are moving a step ahead. Not sure if this is true for you as it is for me. HUGS!


      1. Most of the time one sees what is reflected in one’s own life, true. But this time I had in mind some orphans placed in a place of shelter where I used to do voluntary work. Their mother just left them outside, they were toddlers really, and she’d go out and drink and they had to look in dustbins for food and were in considerable danger until they were found by a social worker who took them away.

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  1. I see a colorful and strong teddy bear in a dark, dreary and colorless world. Even though it is in mud, it is still sitting up resilient from the falling rain. Even though it has been left behind, it is not giving up as there is a full trail with open opportunity ahead. Stay strong.

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    1. Now see – I so love getting different perspectives! It allows me and others to see things in a different way, a different light. With all the progress I have made these last few months, I still tend to see things negatively initially. I guess it is so ingrained that I can’t help it sometimes. I am working on it though. Thank you for your wonderful insight into this piece!

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  2. My past trauma is always here reminding me of my past,(flashbacks) but I have learned to live with my past whilst always looking forward. Hope for the future has always kept me going on my darkest days..I’m glad you are also hopeful! x

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  3. Great concept for a post!!!! I feel sorry for the little girl who dropped ted. They has been on a family walk.mtge whole family – mum, dad, 3 kids and a dog. Bustling, talking. Enjoying the fresh air. They had parked nearby and on leaving – taking of wellies and scarves and packing pushchairs in the boot, beloved ted got dropped. It will be tonight after bath time that the search will begin. Will ted be missed enough that mum or dad will drive back to the spot to look for him???

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  4. PS. I REALLY like this idea. I am wondering if there is some sort of therapy for depression and anxiety one can use with this concept. It sort of makes me more aware of my situation and feelings. Like associating my current feelings to an outer object makes me able to examine it more closely…or..maybe I am just crazy! 🙂

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  5. I see loneliness and grief. I feel like the poor little guy was abandoned. Left behind to deal alone with this new world of darkness he has encountered. I am looking back. In my own life and in the poor little bears life. I too am that bear. This picture really sums up my current life story. BUT, you see….the bear is strangely looking forward on that dark path. It is almost like he knows he will trudge through the path of grief and loneliness to come out at the end. He sees that there will be an end.

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