‘Thoughts Through Art’ Series


(Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

I find this image striking. I see so many different themes in it. I guess first and foremost, I see a little girl stuck, unable to move forward or back, stuck in one moment in time no matter how old she is. Looking back is hurtful and filled with pain but the idea of moving forward, of a better future, is even more terrifying.

I see something else though. In this haunting image, I see the little girl hiding in the middle, as if she were me and my father was coming from one direction and my brother from the other. Her face is pleading, “Please help me!” but no one does. But if you look deep enough into her eyes, this little girl is strong, she is resilient, she will survive.

Your thoughts?


19 thoughts on “‘Thoughts Through Art’ Series

  1. When I look at that little girl, I want to ask her if she is ok..She looks unsure of the world around her…If she is afraid, I will tell her that she is brave and that everything will be ok.I will ask her what she needs the most.. I will take her hand and walk up the stairs..at the top of those stairs is freedom, love and respect..Every little girl or boy like this needs a helping hand, someone to ask questions and offer support..

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  2. I’m kind of in the middle. I see her in a hole at the top of the stairs. Her pale clothes and her vulnerable pose seem to be foreboding. While she may have rose above something to get there, she’s far from safe.

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    1. “While she may have rose above something to get there, she’s far from safe.” Oh man, this shook me a little bit. You just put into words something I have personally been feeling for a long time, something I am trying to get through. Thank you for such insight!

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      1. That’s what people in good places do. My sister has struggled her whole life with issues. The hardest thing is often keeping things in present tense. Just keep doing that. Things will be ok, some days fine, but never perfect.

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  3. I like the fact that she is in the light and sitting at the top of the stairs. Once she has overcome her fear, there are more stairs for her to climb and she can rise above her context. How about that?

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