A Poem – “Scars”


What to make of scars,

so pitiful and weak.

Oh, physical scars,

how I envy you,

those of skin and bone.

You can be seen.

You scab over, heal,

pain ultimately subsides.

But oh, the scars of the heart,

they’re jagged, deep –

I’m amazed my heart still beats.

You’re hidden, unseen,

with pain that never quite

goes away.

Emotional scars,

oh how you lie,

pretending to be healed

while cruelly laughing,

waiting to rip open,

to make me doubt the progress

I have made.

You shout, “Look at me!

Remember me?”

Yes, I remember you well.

You remind me where I’ve been.

You helped make me who I am.

But you don’t own me anymore –

your time is past.

You are only a scar, not

my inner most being.

© 2016 Sarah S.















15 thoughts on “A Poem – “Scars”

    1. More so than we realize sometimes I think. I didn’t truly realize until after beginning to heal and letting go of past hurts, only to have them rear their ugly little heads when something new happened. It had nothing to do with the new pain! I was just so used to correlating certain pains and feelings to the old trauma.


  1. Hi Sarah. I really enjoyed reading this. I have scars of my own, so I can relate to this because they happened in my past and I have managed to move on from that point in my life. I just wondered whether you would want to submit this poem as part of my ‘Letters to the Mind’ project? I noticed some parts of the poem spoke to the scars directly, and I thought it really added to the way you’ve written about them.

    If you want to contribute with this poem then you can find out how with this link: https://letterstothemindblog.wordpress.com/how-to-contribute/

    I hope you’ll consider it, I think this is a really powerful poem. Thanks for writing and sharing it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so pleased you would love to contribute! Just follow the steps on the page I linked you to (it’s really easy) and we can go from there 🙂 your appreciation means a lot, thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

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