Writing To Heal Feature: Sarah

I am so honored to be featured in Drem’s wonderful spotlight “Writing To Heal”. Please check out her website – she is an amazing person!


The blog,  Breaking Sarah, specializes in surviving trauma and the healing process which follows. Sarah is a survivor of incest, teen pregnancy, and family estrangement and death. Rather than let it to tear her down, she uses her work to inspire and help heal others. She…

Writes To Heal

Drem: Sarah, tell me about yourself.
Sarah: I was born and raised in small-town California and lived there until I was 39. Currently, at 43, I live in Southeast Texas and will be moving to Mississippi in a couple of months. Living in different places and experiencing different cultures and types of people has been fascinating for me; I felt so sheltered for most of my life and it feels good to be branching out.

Drem: And you Write To Heal as well? Tell me about that.
Sarah: I write to heal because it was and still is, in…

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