New Year’s Resolutions


Yes, it is that time of year again – time to make empty and unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. I don’t mean that to sound pessimistic but realistic. It’s no surprise that most people do not follow through with their resolutions. I know that I, myself, usually break them within days or weeks. Am I wrong?

I have been contemplating this the last couple days. What really is a resolution? I think it is hope, hope that something will be different, hope that this year will be better, hope that we can somehow magically change all the bad and replace it with good. We all have the power within us to make change but we also sometimes have a difficult time finding that power, grasping that power, harnessing that power.

Yes, I can make the same empty promises to myself that I make every year: lose weight, eat healthier, think more positively, stop letting fear control my decisions, etc. But if I haven’t succeed yet in my life with these things, I most likely won’t, not as long as I keep doing things the same old way. Not as long as I keep thinking that it will all happen someday. I think I try to live in the future too much, all that hope wound up into a tight ball that nothing can penetrate. Am I not just setting myself up for failure yet again?

So, here is my New Year’s resolution, and I have only one: to be more in the present!  I want to stop looking so far forward and deal with the now, feel the now, be aware of what I am feeling and how I am reacting to it. I need to take small steps and if I wonder off, bring myself back and not beat myself up for it. Instead of trying to plan out and work on the rest of my life, I want to be where I am now and do what I can to make it better. Time is not running out; it’s just starting. It’s time to start loving myself from the inside. Who’s with me?


15 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. You said a wonderful thing “not being pessimistic but realistic”, most times people take it otherwise. Everything you said is so true. I have stopped believing in resolutions since years. We should take life as it comes.

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    1. “We should take life as it comes.” Yes – this is exactly it. Easier said than done of course but how wonderful would it be if we could get better at it and actually live by it? 🙂


      1. I am seeing pieces of it and I like it. I have been able to catch myself in many instances of negativity and then I try to think about it in a different, more positive way. It’s a process – I know I can’t change it all overnight but one step at a time. HUGS!


  2. Yes I agree. First I had a long list but I erased it all cause I panicked and thought hey that is setting myself up to fail.. I can’t become a perfect person… so I decided on a small thing; to just try to take care of myself a bit better… ☺happy New Year’s to you.🎉

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  3. Realistic goals!!!!! When I started making these, my whole life started changing. It’s hard to get in the habit of thinking in baby steps…. but it works. I hope your new year is fantastic. 🙂

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    1. I am hoping that is so. I think if we can be more in the present, in the moment, we can make small choices and changes, rather than trying to see the end of the goal and having it feel so overwhelming.


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