For Those Feeling Lonely On Christmas


There are many reasons some of us feel lonely at Christmas: loss of a loved one, away from family, no family, away from friends, depression, etc.  I know that for me, I’ve lost my father and just this month my pet to death and the rest of my family to varying degrees of estrangement.

I don’t want anyone to feel alone, especially today. I will be checking in with this post all day if you feel lonely and just need a friend or a listening ear. I’m sending love and hugs out to everyone on this Christmas Day. Merry Christmas!!


11 thoughts on “For Those Feeling Lonely On Christmas

  1. I am in a similar situation. For 30 years had large family gatherings and slowly almost everyone passed away. My last pet 5 years ago and a divorce 7 years ago and now it is not a big deal. I have barely watched my massive Christmas Movie library though I am while on WP

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      1. My story is not as bad as yours. Though I have spent many a Holiday at the movies all day. I understand what you have been through as I have dated and coached women that had it rough. Unmentionable. It obviously makes gatherings something you do not want to do. I am keeping it simple. I wrote a decent amount and am having movies in the background. I will eat a bit. ***Hugs you back*** I just did not see where you are from or I read too fast. I read your about me. I know the past but not other things as I think I am a bit older than you and I have no children. My abuse was beatings from my father, chipped front tooth and worse and family constantly pulling me down. But I too was brought up to keep family first, that hurt me a lot.

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      2. I do hate to hear that others know the pain of abuse, of any kind of abuse. I am sorry you went through it and that your family disappointed you in such needless ways. I share such an empathy and understanding for that. It’s amazing what people can do to each other, what family can do. My heart is always with you my dear! HUGS

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  2. Life is breezy and easy but it doesn’t look like that ever ! Failures, heartbreaks, sadness, depression, accidents, losing your loved ones and what not. We all have heard the ‘Ups & Downs in life’ cliche , well, life is slightly better than that, isn’t it? 🙂
    Follow us for such motivating articles. It will make a difference in your life 🙂
    ‪We are giving away happiness this season 😉

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