Feeling Lost


“You’re not a lost cause; you’re just lost.” Let that sink in for a minute; I know I had to. That statement, when I heard it, felt like it was meant just for me. It wasn’t directed at me but did it ever explain me, where my thoughts were at the time.

Let me write it one more time – you’re not a lost cause; you’re just lost. Wow, that statement alone almost brings immediate comfort and relief, because it is so very true if we allow it to seep into our souls. I spent the last 6 years feeling like a lost cause, not so much because I honestly felt that way but because others were making me feel that way. I must be a lost cause with how many people have abandoned me, right? It’s only been recently that I have realized that isn’t true.

It was six long years, years of self-doubt, confusion, and constant questioning. Since the questions would seemingly never be answered, not for me anyone, the only thing left was to feel I was worthless, hopeless, a total lost cause. Why I am here anyway, you know? What’s the point? There must be something wrong with me if everyone leaves me, even my own flesh and blood!

Here’s the thing though – there is a huge difference between being a lost cause and just being lost! Looking back now, I can see that I wasn’t a lost cause, I was just lost. When you lose pretty much everything, it amazing what we can do to ourselves, to our thoughts, and this is separate from what everyone else is doing to cause us harm. It’s a spiral downward, one that is so hard to break free from. But if we take out what others think about us and allow ourselves to see our true selves, our true nature, suddenly we see that we are not lost causes, others just want us to be so they can feel better about themselves. If we can see that we are merely lost, we can start to find our way back. I did, I am.

Here’s to all my kindred spirits our there – consider this and I hope you come to realize that although you may feel lost, you are not a lost cause! Find your strength, find your courage, and don’t let anyone take it away from you. We all have a purpose in this world, some small, some large, but all equally important. I often think that those of us who feel lost are the most kind and genuine souls. Sometimes it’s those souls that have to find their way, and they are the souls who end up shining the brightest. All my love to you dear friends! ❤

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19 thoughts on “Feeling Lost

  1. Still feeling very lost and at loose ends. But your words are comforting. I am lost. This new world of estrangement from all three of my adult children is so foreign and strange. I can’t see the path. I’m not sure there is a path. But I need to remember that I’m not a lost cause. My life isn’t a lost cause. Although right now I have difficulty seeing my purpose when for so long I saw my purpose as being “mom”, your words are reassuring that if I keep putting one foot in front of the other, I will eventually find my new life. It will be a life that always has a sense of pain and loss (I can’t forget my children or what I’ve lost), but at least it’ll be a life. And may have some purpose. A new unknown unseen purpose.

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    1. The unknown and unseen purpose can end up a powerful thing too. It’s hard to look forward sometimes, I still deal with those moments. I think that as time has continued on, I have just gotten better and squashing those feelings down. They don’t help me and I am so trying to have a more positive outlook. The estrangements do not define us, they do not make us bad people. It just means we have had to deal with some tough things. But I am proud to be standing on the other side, knowing it didn’t take me down, it didn’t break me. You are correct – there will always be pain and loss for us both, both life must go on. Here’s to each of us continuing to fond our way forward! HUGS!!

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