A Poem – “Oh, Christmas Tree”

pathetic christmas tree
Oh, my Charlie Brown Christmas tree…
Tiny, sparse branches
pointing in all directions.
You are not a perfect, full tree,
rather you’re filled with gaps galore.
One red Christmas bulb hangs on a single branch
weighing it down towards the ground.
Some people look at the tree and laugh –
What a sad little tree!
Who would want such a thing?
I will tell you – I do!
You see,
that tree is me.
The branches once bare,
the bulb laid in waste upon my feet.
I stood small amongst the other trees.
They were full and for show
but with nowhere else to grow.
But me, my little tree,
it’s more beautiful than they.
Where once the branches bare,
now there is life.
Each leaf a trial overcome,
the little red bulb –
my light shining through.
It weighs down the branch
but that does not mean the branch
is weak;
the branch is learning to push
against the weight
and someday it too will stand tall
and strong.
It is not a tree decorated for all to see but
it is a beautiful tree,
a unique tree,
unlike any other tree,
it is me.
Oh, Charlie Brown Christmas Tree,
how I love thee.
© Sarah S. 2015

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