Who Are We, Really?


Who are we, really?

Good or bad – honorable or evil – happy or sad – honest or deceitful – weak or strong – beautiful or ugly – kind or mean – courageous or cowardly – hopeful or pessimistic – trusting or suspicious – faithful or faithless – sincere or devious – brave or afraid.

It seems like we all try to figure out who we are. I want to pose to everyone that each of us is all the things above. We all have both good and evil inside of us. I have heard and believe that our worst qualities are the flip side of our best. For one example that fits me to the tee: one of my good qualities is that I care, and that brings one of my worst qualities – I worry. I worry way too much and I think it’s because I care way too much, and when you care, you worry in so may different ways – will I be hurt?  Will the care be returned? Will I be tossed aside and thrown away?

Another example, I could easily have gotten revenge on those who have hurt me in my life and oh how I thought about it! But that was the bad part of me, the evil part, and it was up to me to decide what part of me I wanted to live by, to decide who I wanted to be in those moments, to what standards would I hold myself?  If I sought revenge, I would be no different than those who hurt me. I would be causing pain and that is just not within me; it is not who I truly am deep inside.

I think we all act out – none of us is perfect. We let those negative characteristics emerge from time to time. It’s what we do once we become aware of it that defines who we truly are. Will you feed the bad? Or nurture the good…



18 thoughts on “Who Are We, Really?

    1. Thank you so very much! You don’t know how much I appreciate your kind words.This post came from my heart and means a lot to me. Once I realized the duality of the strengths and weaknesses inside all of us, I had to share.

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      1. You actually made me smile! There is nothing wrong with silly at all. Honestly, I think it’s the being broken that allowed me to see things the way I do today, that allows me a certain understanding of things now.

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  1. I’ll do both I think it is necessary. There are certain things which only one wolf can do so if you stop feeding one you will not be able to have it up your sleeve when you need it and trust me anyone and everyone will need both.


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