Do it, I Dare You…

THIS is an amazing piece by a fellow blogger! This is how I feel about my sisters now. 🙂


The funnier ones!

You think you can hold me back?
Just try it, I dare you
Try to keep me from being me
Honestly, it’s what I’m used to
I’ve always been smothered
Held under the water, barely breathing
Wishing, waiting, and wanting relief
Begging for the air that you’ve been stealing
Not anymore, sir
No, I refuse to be like that again
I won’t bow down and take the lashes
Your attacks will all be in vain
I’m stronger now, more capable
I can handle being alone
I don’t need someone to give me purpose
After all this time, I’ve learned to create my own
You’ll never control me
You’ll never defeat me
Oh honey, if you only knew…
I’m stronger than I thought I could ever be
So tell me,
Do you think you can hold me back?
Because I will not bow down
You will never knock me off track

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