A Poem For My Dog Gone Too Soon


My heart aches.

My chest tight, as if an elephant

is sitting on it,

weighing it down,

crushing my ability to breathe.

Death and loss fills my deepest soul,

a soul with no clue how to cope

with a pain that runs so deep.

I try to busy myself,

to distract my thoughts,

but there is always a time

when what needed to be done

is done

and I am left with thoughts

that devastate.

How could such a small being

have filled my heart with such love?

The loss has left me

feeling so sad, empty and lonely.

I hope you stay with me,

watching over me,

protecting me.

I wish I could feel your warmth and breath

just one more time,

but the truth is

it would never be enough.

I hope you know how much you were loved.

Your love will always and forever be

in my heart.


© Sarah S. 2015


9 thoughts on “A Poem For My Dog Gone Too Soon

  1. Perhaps helping walk dogs at an animal shelter might help you work through the grief.
    Do so in loving memory of your beloved dog (who will be happy to see you help dogs who are distressed and lonely).

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