A Poem – “Emotional Chains”


Emotions long suppressed,

now let in.

Was I really hiding from them,

protecting myself from them?

Or were they just simmering

beneath the surface

waiting to erupt and break free?

Anger, pain, frustration, irritation,

rage, sadness, defeat, confusion –

I swallowed them all, each

and every one.

But after time and consequence,

I opened up and emotions flowed

out like tears.

But now that I let myself feel,

my heart is overwhelmed.

I forgot what it feels like to feel.

New tragedy, new trauma,

I feel them now so deeply and fully

and with such intensity.

It consumes me, but I will hide

no more.

Is this what it feels like

to be real?

To break forth from the masks

that bind?

To let my heart be open and full,

be it good or bad?

I have seen the other path,

lived it –

it is not better.

I will take this chance…


© Sarah S. 2015






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