For This, I’m Thankful

With Thanksgiving almost upon us, I wanted to be aware of and thankful for the little things in life:

  • my husband, of course, my sons, my best friend and my little doggie
  • waking up on the weekend and just laying in bed for a while with my honey
  • the first smell of rain hitting the ground
  • my morning cup of coffee
  • that first taste of something delicious and sinful
  • sipping that perfect glass of wine
  • fresh air and the warm feeling of the sun on my back
  • nature – trees, flowers, creeks and rivers, oceans, amazing landscapes
  • a crisp sunrise or a warm sunset
  • when I actually see the look of love in someones’ eyes
  • a gentle but strong hug
  • watching animals frolick around
  • getting into a nice warm bed on a cold night
  • decorating for the holidays and enjoying holiday music

I am sure there are more but these came to mind immediately. They all bring a smile to my face. Sometimes happiness is found in the little things, the little moments. What are your little things? Hugs to you all!


8 thoughts on “For This, I’m Thankful

  1. Aaaaaaaaah the little things. How I cherish them. I’m thankful for many many things in my life even though I’m going through one heck of a storm right now. But no matter what, I will always be thankful for my boys. For their love. For my siblings. For their continuous support. And for my parents who aren’t with us in this world, but they’re with me in my heart.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

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