A Poem – “Melancholy”

There is a light that I see in you

that you do not see me.

From the very beginning I knew:

knew that my heart would fall,

softly and unconditionally,

knew that my love

would not be returned,

knew that I would care for you

more than you care for me,

knew that once again

I’d take the chance

only to be ultimately discarded.

Will there ever be one

to see the light in me?


© Sarah S.


16 thoughts on “A Poem – “Melancholy”

  1. It is as if you can read my mind or something or you just have the power to steal the words from my mouth. LOL Amazing and maybe you have so much light in you that some people can’t handle your brightness. Just like we cannot directly look at the sun.

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    1. Hmm, never thought of it like that before; and if I am being honest, it’s hard for me to see it like that. I see myself as so very flawed, I think it’s just that I am finally learning to accept those flaws and I am trying to be the best I can in spite of them.


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