These Truths

“No one can diminish you but yourself.” Have truer words ever been said?

Looking back, with an open and aware mind, I can see that almost every time I failed or just didn’t even try wasn’t because of someone else – it was due to the destructive, negative thoughts in my own mind. These type of thoughts originated in my childhood, from the abuse, and they took over as I grew up. I saw myself as what I thought everyone else saw me as: incapable, worthless, dumb. It left me always searching for, needing, positive reinforcement of the things I was doing.  If I didn’t get it, then my thought process took it to mean that it wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t good enough. It didn’t matter if what I did was perfect – if no one saw it or no one commented, then it must have been bad after all.

Do you see how crazy this is?  Even the silence of others takes me to a negative place in my mind. This has to change! I am only hurting myself by trying to interpret everything and everyone.

“No one can diminish you but yourself.” I have to let that sink in. There is so much truth in it. We can’t let others dictate how we feel about ourselves. And we can’t let the false-truths that we believe about ourselves rob of us living life. It’s hard to admit but there is a point where we are only holding ourselves back. I’m admitting it – are you?


4 thoughts on “These Truths

    1. You worded that so well. It’s amazing how good we all think we are at understanding others when we can’t even understand ourselves. It’s hard to look inside ourselves and see things that scare us – but those are the things to work on. Imagine what life can be like if we just open ourselves up to it and allow ourselves to be ok.

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