For The Abused – “Damaged”

Video may trigger!

This song has meant so much to me over the years since I first discovered it. It’s the things I always wished I could say to my brother. Maybe someday I will be able to.

HUGS to all my fellow abuse survivors! While we may have been damaged, we are also beautiful!



10 thoughts on “For The Abused – “Damaged”

  1. I’ve never heard that Plumb song before, but you’re right – it was stirring.
    I’m a survivor as well. I’ve not been able to blog about it (I have included a lengthy section in my memoir but have avoided completing it.)
    On a similar note, the my two favorite Plumb songs as related to the *survivor* topic is “Need you Now,” with “Lord, I’m ready Now” taking the lead.

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    1. It’s amazing how many of us survivors are blogging. I can understand not being able to post about it yet – it took me a while, and there are still things I can’t write about in detail. It will come in time, for both of us, and if it doesn’t, that’s okay too. I think we all have to do what right for ourselves and that is probably different for everyone. HUGS!!!


  2. Another that I listen to and think of my brother, is I’m not who I was, by Brandon Heath. It’s a Christian song, but it makes me think of who I was and who I am now. look what you did. other times its like look at what you did to me and look what I became regardless (good days). hugs!

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  3. I recently discovered this song as well, it seemed familiar to me, just the beat. That drew me in. Then I listened to the words and well, this was just days after my recent breakdown. It does trigger me, but it validates me too. I’m allowed to be scared. I’m allowed to say those things outloud, I was just a little girl, but I can’t go back…… It validates that yes, I was abused, but I can’t change it and I must go on. this song was like a key to a locked door. It helped me embrace my ptsd and whatever other issues I have. All that shit happened to me and I’m tired of hiding it. I’m tired of pretending I’m okay. And for what? To protect everyone else. Well, it’s about time I stand up and protect myself and yell and declare what has happened to me and that I will no longer stand in the shadows of shame. I’ve accepted I was sexually abused, its about time this damn world does too.

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    1. Validation is a strong and valuable thing! I also got tired of hiding it – of hiding ME. My blog is a lot of me letting the world know what happened to me and me saying “I will not fall!” I’m standing up with you sweetness. HUGS!

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