Opinions Please?


I have been working on a manuscript for the last 7 years of my life story. There are times when I can write like crazy and then times I can’t write at all, so I leave it for a while and then try to go back to it.  I have found it much easier writing here, in my blog, than trying to finish a manuscript in hopes of getting it published. I also have held back because there wasn’t really an end and now there is.

I guess my main fear is that there will be people out there who read it and think, “What a whiner!” or “What a piece of crap she is!” I have always felt that my story needs to be told, that maybe it can help others, that there are important lessons. So my questions to you, my followers, my friends – is my story worth a book, worth the read?

I am asking for real honesty – I can take it!


40 thoughts on “Opinions Please?

  1. This is what I am working towards.
    I’ve read 3 memoirs this year (2 about abuse).
    All self-pubbed. Write as it comes. This isn’t something you can or should force. I foolishly thought I could work on it during Nano…ha! NOT.
    Writing it, though, will help you heal. Granted, it’s not fun…but what do they say about anything that’s worthwhile?

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    1. Yah, I have done pieces here and there. Sometimes I can just write and write and others times the words are just completely blocked. Blogging, for me, is much easier. I guess I feel like I can just be myself in a blog, whereas a book can be criticized.


  2. Hi Sarah….Nice to meet you…and thanks for visiting my blog too….With regards to your question….You are YOU….no-one else is like you, even if they may have a similar type of story. You write well, and you communicate with others with kindness and caring, so why not write a book? If it seems a little hard to get it all together, just do what someone else I know did. They wrote little bits here, there and everywhere, just as you do on here, your blog, and then, they got post it notes and labelled each experience with a title. They played with the post it notes on a wall and re-arranged them again and again until they were happy with the flow of the theme of their book. Then they found they had actually written an entire book, and all that was needed was a beginning intro, and an ending. I believe you could do the same. Have fun with it anyway! Angel Hugs, Barbara xxxxx

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    1. Thank you so much Barbara! That is kind of how I have been doing it – writing a little here and there, finding titles. I have written a lot but still have more to do too. I guess I just don’t need to rush it and let it come naturally.

      I think I am also afraid that the people in the book will discover it and throw their wrath my way. I will be using a pen name of course, but if any of my family somehow randomly reads my book, it will be clear it is them! But there is no slander at all, even though they may try to get me that way.


  3. I beli be it is worth writing. It’s hard to write anything for the public eye, but just remember we are our own worst critics, and other people will probably appreciate your honesty about such a sensitive issue. I know I would.

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    1. Thank you for the wonderful and genuine encouragement. I go through writing spurts with mu manuscript, sometimes writing a lot and then months not writing anything. If anything, the one thing I have been told a lot recently is that people appreciate my openness and honesty. Honestly, that’s the only way I know how to be anymore.


  4. I think so. Why don’t you try posting random excerpts, getting people’s opinions? If people respond positively, it might give you courage and motivation – and I’m sure people will respond positively! (Just an idea.)

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      1. Oh, well, then you have nothing to worry about! It’s heavy, and deep, but your writing is wonderful and I happen to like heavy and deep (personally). I can relate to it, and while “light” is good at times, I think the world needs to realise more serious situations. You write fantastically!

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      2. Thank you so much for this encouragement! I just want people to realize that they never know what someone is actually dealing with or feeling inside, and that we need to treat each with kindness and understanding. What I have been through makes me see people in a different light usually. of course I still struggle and sometimes make judgments – I am human after all, but I try my best to not do that.

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      3. No problems at all!! And of course – you’re only human. I feel like after what I’ve been through I should never say another mean thing, or a judgie thing, and I’m usually very careful, and process everything – and then sometimes I’ll realise I’m nodding in agreement as my friends are bashing someone, or saying something behind someone’s back and I think did you learn? I know I do better, much better, but I think it’s human nature. I don’t think we have the ability to not judge ever. I think we only have the best to do what you said – treat everyone with kindness and understanding, and do our best to uphold that.

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  5. You said your main fears are people seeing you as a ‘whiner’ or a ‘piece of crap,’ ignore those thoughts, if those were thoughts (which I don’t think they would be) they would be irrelevant. Your story belongs to you, it is yours to tell, your words, thoughts and experiences can line pages in a way no one else’s ever can, honestly it’s one of the only completely original things you can write.

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  6. My main motivation for starting my own blog was to encourage myself to do lots of introspective writing for, well, a book about my life. My life has been ridiculous, why not write about it? Someone, somewhere will enjoy reading it.

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  7. Just write your story and put it out there. Let the audience decide if it’s worth reading.

    And yeah, while you’re likely to get some a**holes who say, “What a whiner,” you’re also going to get people who say, “Thank you for writing this. I didn’t think anyone else understood what I’m going through.” Ignore the former crowd, the total jerks, and focus on the latter crowd, because if even one person is a part of the latter and finds some sort of solace in reading about your life experience, then it was worth writing.

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    1. Thank you, sincerely! This is what I needed to hear. I am more than aware myself that I need to stop caring so much about what others think of me. Honestly, my one true hope is to help someone else, to tough their lives in a positive way.

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  8. Go for it!! My book Untangled, A Story of Resilence, Courage and Triumph came out in August. I had many of the same fears you have. I have had great feedback from survivors, mental health professionals, and from others who have read my book. None of my fears have come to fruition. I know someone may someday slam my book, but for me it has helped my healing journey and helped others as well. Write away…you just never know what comes next with your manuscript.

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  9. I believe every story is worth being told. There is always something for someone to take and learn from one every story and showing our imperfections in writing just goes to display how “human” we are. I say, go for it and write your heart out.

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  10. Oh, I can so relate to this post. In my second post I published, it was about wanting to write a book. But I never thought it would be interesting enough for anyone to read. This is part reason for me writing my blog, to express myself and write about me and my life. My book I do not think will ever be written, I think for me, my blog will be enough. Each one of us has an important story to tell about our lives – they are all important. Your blog is already helping others. The book will come when you are ready to proceed with it. 🙂

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  11. Definitely worth telling. We are endure trials and tribulations, some more tragic or devastating. Knowing we are not alone is in itself a reason for each us to have those such as you tell your story. The only requirement, which you have in spades, is an authenticity and commitment to authenticity when telling one’s story. Hope you get to a place where you feel the manuscript is complete.

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