Spreading My Wings

I am not a huge tattoo person. I have a very small one on my lower torso where no one can see it but me. It is the Kangi symbol for fate:


To me, it looks like a person either looking back on her life or forward. That was a huge thing for me when I got it back in 2005 (before any of the family estrangements even happened) – which would I choose? To keep looking back or to move forward? That’s how it had been my entire life actually. But now, after finally being able to start letting go off the past, finally being able to move forward, it was time for something yet again symbolic. My second and last tattoo:

FullSizeRender 1

It symbolizes my wings, my freedom. It is on my inner wrist, small enough that I can cover it up if I ever have the need. I can look down at it when I need to remember where I have been and even more importantly, where I am headed. It is who I am inside – wanting to just be free and to just be me. No two dragonflies are alike, as neither are any of us. I am me – here I am – take me or leave me. I won’t apologize for who I am anymore. I have spent too much time wrapped up in the the past and the people who hurt me. Now is my time – THIS is my time. It will be what I make it!

May you all find your wings my wonderful friends – find them, break them in a little at a time, get comfortable with them, realize they are unique and they are yours and yours alone, and then fly free! It doesn’t matter if your wings get damaged and you touch back down to the ground, for those wings are meant to be repaired and made even stronger. Written in our wings is our individual stories and they all have beauty woven in.


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