A Poem – “Break Free”


If a pebble should fall

and break down these walls,

What would you look in and see?

Would you look deep inside,

past the spaces I hide

and actually see the real me?

Would you see yourself,

past the fake smiles and wealth,

down to your inner core?

Would the tears start to fall

as you get past your walls

and realize you’re not you anymore?

For are we not all

the same after all?

Just wanting to be loved, to be known.

Hiding our flaws.

disobeying love’s laws,

reaping the seeds we have sown.

One by one

we all come undone,

bowing to pressure and fear.

Only to find

we fell out of line,

lost – all the ones we held dear.

But can’t we change,

our minds, rearrange,

just open our eyes to see –

we’re all just the same,

all living in pain,

can we just go from “me” to we?

Love and compassion,

without limits or ration,

that’s when we’ll finally be free.

© Sarah S. 2015


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