Draw A Tree & See Who You Are

Strange title – I know. But stay with me on this. I want you to to draw a tree, right now if you can and before reading further. Just a single tree however you want to draw it, doesn’t have to be perfect.  Once you are done, continue on with this post.

When I was a teenager, I loved to draw a tree. It was always the same tree – no leaves, numerous jagged, reaching branches, and a knot hole on the tree trunk. I drew it so many times, over and over, a little different each time but I just loved to draw it.

I read years ago that when a person draws a tree, it says a lot about them. All I remember from that article was that people who draw the knot hole in the tree trunk tend to have a gaping hole in their life, usually a secret to be hidden.  For me that would be the childhood abuse. Well, I came across something regarding this today and wanted to share it. I will share the link to interpret your drawing at the bottom of this post. Here is what my tree says about me:

Size: You are generous to a fault. You tend to take on more than you can.

Line Quality: Indicates you are soft spoken and gentle. May tend to be inconspicuous

Tree Placement: Indicates a down-to-earth person, practical, sensible and reliable.

Detail: You like to immerse yourself in the details of anything you do.

Value: Indicates a serious quality in the person.

Shape: You are contented, stable, satisfied with your life, you also tend to be protective of those close to you.

Base: You are perfectly comfortable when things are spontaneous and you function equally well in any surroundings.

Roots: You draw strength from the person you are today. A base drawn in a straight line indicates you have cut yourself off from the past.

Trunk: Indicates strength. You can stand up in adverse circumstances. You are forgiving. And if the knothole is dark, you tend to be forgiving of others weaknesses, but have a hard time forgiving your own.

Top: You are honest. How things are done is more important to you than the final result.

Well, this was about 90% accurate for me! Who knew drawing a tree could be so introspective.  Please try it for your self. Here is the link (start on page 2):



5 thoughts on “Draw A Tree & See Who You Are

  1. “Roots: You draw strength from the person you are today. A base drawn in a straight line indicates you have cut yourself off from the past.”

    Accurate so far, and easier than the 15 minutes of free-writing I have been avoiding all week. Thank you.
    30.10.12015 HE

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      1. More accurate than I knew. In less than half an hour today, my (3rd appointment of 30 minutes each) psy. pointed out something I had never seen in 40 years (happened when I was 6, and I now see that I am having nightmares due to the anniversary -happy 46.5 yrs old!!): a simple door left open then -> self-blame even now. And I never made the connection despite years of (on and off) therapy.

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      2. Even though it’s difficult, I think it is good to make discoveries about ourselves. I know mine have helped me move forward. I can handle understanding something, even if it’s bad – it’s the NOT understanding and not knowing that gets to me.

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