A Poem – “Acid Rain”


Tears – oh acid rain,
why did I hide the pain?
Held it in
couldn’t let anyone see
what words and actions
had done to me.
Fight or flight?
Oh how I ran,
a mind shutting down
by subconscious demand.
Emotions – be gone!
Oh devastating toll.
invisible hands
strangling my soul.
But empty and numb
the pain was still there,
hiding in waiting
too heavy to bare.
Bursts of anger
oh how they raged.
An internal war –
inevitably waged.
How foolish was I
to think I could hide
while all the best parts of me
withered and died.
Well pour through my veins
oh, acid rain
burn away the sadness,
burn away the pain.
Heal me, renew me,
allow me to feel.
It’s time for a change,
it’s time to heal.
©  Sarah S. 2015

5 thoughts on “A Poem – “Acid Rain”

  1. You’ve been through a lot, it’s no wonder you shut down and shut out your emotions. I like the concept of acid rain burning this stuff away from us. It’s time for a change, I agree. For me too. And I’m ready to heal too. Hugs my friend.

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    1. Yes, I was surprised that while writing this poem, the acid rain turned from bad to good. I think we have to take the bad and somehow find the good in it or take good from it. It’s a whole new way of thinking for me.

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