Worst Expectations Realized

It’s not good my friends. I’m on my cell phone so I can’t write a long, detailed post. Right now I just need words of support to get me through my semi-estranged son’s wedding tomorrow. He stabbed me in the heart today. I so don’t deserve the way he has is treating me. I thought I was ready for anything – yet he still found a way to crush me. I will explain later but I really need your support!  Please be with me tomorrow my friends – it’s going to take every ounce of strength I can find within my broken heart.


12 thoughts on “Worst Expectations Realized

  1. Sarah, I am so sorry! Your courage, your worth, your sense of self does NOT come from them. How they treat you does NOT define you! It defines who they are! It is crushing when those we love do not show up for us. It was a huge realization for me when I realized the saddest thing that ever happened to me is that I was unable to show up in my own life. Show up Sarah, be there for You! They are not worthy of your love! I know that does NOT take away the sting. Hold on Sarah, you are not alone! Tomorrow may be one of the toughest days of your life. Think about how you want to feel about yourself, your grace, your power when this is all over. No matter what, be kind to you. And if you don’t feel as though you handled it well, that is okay too! You are only human! You are not alone!

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  2. I am here and you are getting a virtual hug right now!!! Hold onto your husband and get hugs from him too. Tell him what you need and let him comfort you. And breathe… you are strong… you are loved…

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  3. You are worthy of love, validation and I really hope your courage shines through even more when you need it! You are already very courageous to be attending the wedding, even though the circumstances are uncomfortable. I know this is tough, but you can get through it!
    You have your blogging friends for support and even though you are hurting now, know that this too shall pass.Sending you lots of positivity & hugs across the world!

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