And So It Begins…

I have thought it odd that there seems to be Facebook silence in regards to my son’s wedding. No posts about the wedding between my son and his fiance; no posts of excitement from family. Until today – my son’s stepmom posted this on my son’s page:

“This week is already flying by, I can’t wait to see my oldest!! Yes, I’m going to be very excited when I see you and get to hug you. We have missed you more than you realize. I want time to slow down but yet I want it to speed up so we can see you, if that makes sense. Love you, son”

Ugh – he is not her oldest!  And she misses him? Imagine how I feel after 5 1/2 years without contact! That is missing someone! But she doesn’t need to – she helped our estrangement along. This is one of her many posts over the years, pretending to be his real mother, all the while helping shut me out and even lying straight to my face on certain occasions.

It is amazing how certain people think I am such an idiot, when in truth I am seeing everything they do and say for exactly what it is. I may not call them on it, but I know they are lying, already having the proof. I know full well what to expect and sure enough, they do not disappoint.

I am so ready for this to all be over! Ready to get these terrible people out of my life. Actions speak volumes and even though my son can’t see it, I do. I am not the bad person here – they are. I take a certain comfort in that.


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