To the Bullies in This World

I have taken down my “Contact Me” page as I just received a disgusting, perverted message from some guy named Mike, who is obviously a lame troll.  So Mike – do you realize that your life is most likely more miserable and lonely than mine?  It takes a lonely soul to send such a comment to an abuse survivor.  I actually feel sorry for you. You are nothing more than a pathetic bully.  I actually want to say “Thank You” for that message – it made me realize what a good person I am, and in the end, that’s all that matters!


15 thoughts on “To the Bullies in This World

  1. I’m really sorry that someone felt the need to try and bring you down. You’re amazing and I’m so thankful that you’ve taken this risk to share your journey with us. Hopefully this will be the last time you have to deal with something so shitty. xx

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      1. You are very correct. It’s so much easier when people are given the opportunity to be cruel without facing the real consequences. I’m glad you’re not letting it get you down! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! It actually didn’t affect me much because it was just so clear the guy was a moron. The odd thing is, a follower of mine just that morning had told me something similar had just happened to her and then BOOM, a couple hours later I checked my feedback and there it was.

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