It’s Not All Bad


I feel the need to share that I realize most of my posts so far have been filled with pain and raw emotion. This is because I have had to share the history and bring you up to where I am now in my life. I soon will be writing about and sharing the progress I have made in healing and moving forward in my life. I am just waiting till after the wedding, till after processing whatever happens there. My true goal with this blog is to show the whole timeline of trauma and pain, from moment of impact through to healing. I want to help others and let others also help me.

I also wanted to thank all my followers and all those who comment and ‘like’ – you all have given me hope that there are people out there who care and who understand. You are all amazing people and I am so thankful for each and every one of you!


8 thoughts on “It’s Not All Bad

  1. Your blog has been a eye opening journey for me. Losing family is never easy and I am so new into the grieving process. Thank you for sharing as it does help others; it helps me.

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  2. “after the wedding, till after processing whatever happens there.”
    I know the upcoming ceremonials are a hot button issue of worry and concern. But I wonder if there is a way for you to decide now, before you go, that it’s all alright. No matter what. That you’ll be alright. Do you have a loyal person to sit with you? One to be with you through the event? Just to share it with, and help you soak it all in? No matter what anybody says, or does, or where you sit, none of that. Just be there and enjoy, and shield yourself from all the rest.
    I wish for you to enjoy it peacefully, and maybe if you make up mind beforehand that that’s what you will do, you will.
    I know how these events are, so touched with emotion, so hard. But you can do this!

    You offer much to those on-line.

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    1. Thank you so much sweetness! Even though I am feeling anxious as it gets closer, I would like to think that I have already accepted that anything could happen, both bad and good. I think I can say that I will be okay no matter what happens. There will still be a time of processing once I get home though, especially if I do decide to totally estrange from certain people because I will be grieving that loss, even though it was a choice. I think no matter how you lose your family, it hurts.

      I do have my husband who will be there with me and he is amazing! I am so thankful to have him in my life. I will also be visiting my best friend and she will be a big support as well.

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  3. I am very happy to have found your blog. I have reached a point in my life where I am done being wrapped up in and blinded by my little vantage point. I am ready to learn, by simply seeing and hearing more. My mother has not reached a point where she is ready to really talk, and so I am seeking out other people who might give me

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