More Nightmares

My nightly nightmares continue. They have gotten bad with the wedding coming up. The stress of it is causing my mind to go into overload and even though I’m not necessarily seeing it or feeling it, my mind and body are taking a big hit and trying to cope.

Last night, I dreamed that it was my father’s funeral all over again and all kinds of weird things happened that I don’t need to go into here but my dress got ruined and I had to go ask one of my sisters to help me find something else in my closet but everything I put on had holes in it. Then, the worst part – after the funeral, at the memorial, we were all outside and I saw my dad walking through the crowd towards me, completely alive – and I yelled “Dad, Dad!” and went running to him – but he just looked straight ahead and walked passed me. I turned to run after him but he was gone. I tried to see if anyone in my family saw him too but no one would listen to me; they kept telling me to just shut up. Then I woke up.

I can see all the psychological symbolism. My brain turned the wedding into a funeral – I understand why it did that, with the anxiety I am feeling about it and all. My dress – that rings true too. I’ve been trying to find one, just wanting to look nice so certain people have less to gossip about behind my back. And my dad – that part is because I wish he was here; I wish he was going to be at the wedding – he would be my rock. Him ignoring me and walking away from me in the dream – that could mean so many things and I don’t even want to think about that part; it hurts too much. And my family not listening to me?  Well, that’s just normal, par for the course.

I hope these nightmares go away once the wedding is come and gone, once my brain has processed whatever will happen.


2 thoughts on “More Nightmares

  1. Bless your heart to have to go through all of this. I have no words of comfort. I wish I could say or do something…

    I had a dream last night that my mother kept following me through a store. I was trying to ignore her and she just kept telling me over and over again “it’s going to he alright, we will work it out, just talk to me”. I finally snapped and turned to her and said “leave me the hell alone, I don’t want you in my life anymore”.

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    1. Oh Lynne – I’m sorry you had that nightmare. HUGS to you! Those are so tough. How did it make you feel? Some really get to me emotionally and others make me kind of laugh. My dream last night was that my son’s step-mother, the one pretending to be the “real” mom, found out I had put together a book of photos of me and my son for his wedding – and she hacked the book online, took it and posted it on her Facebook profile, saying “Look what I put together as a special gift for Kevin.” She took the credit for making it. I woke up and had to chuckle at that one – mostly because these damn dreams are starting to get just plan ridiculous.

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