“In Time, You Learn” – A Poem

“In Time, You Learn”

“It has been said that

with every goodbye

you learn.

But in time you learn

that your entire life

is one goodbye after another.

In time you learn

that love does not exist

and princes are not real.

And you learn that words are mostly lies

and actions always speak louder.

And you learn that friendships fade away

and relationships lack meaning.

And you learn that your whole life

is a lie

and no one even cares.

And eventually,

you learn to turn away,

you learn to draw within,

and you learn not to believe.”

© 2013 Sarah


3 thoughts on ““In Time, You Learn” – A Poem

      1. Sometimes we need to revisit old writing. I was re-reading my journal from 1997 the other day. It was crazy because I was reading about how wonderful things were with my family but at the end of entries I always said I didn’t understand why I always felt so guilty around them. And why I felt so anxious. I was always justifying being around them too.

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