What would YOU like to discuss?

I so appreciate all my followers and the wonderful conversations taking place and the gentle advice you all have offered.  It is comforting to know I am not alone and that we are all here to help each other. I have done a lot of research on the things I have been through but I would also like to know more about what some of you are going through. I know I have been through a lot but I also know that others have been through far worse. I want my blog to be an open forum for support. And so today I ask – is there anything any of you would like me to post about or discuss?


13 thoughts on “What would YOU like to discuss?

  1. I am wondering if you deal with any “phobias” as an adult? For me they seem unrelated but I can’t help wondering if my phobias are more of a defense mechanism that formed when I was a little girl.

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  2. I don’t have any ideas, but I will say that my favorite blogs are always the ones where people just write whatever is true for them. I love the raw humanity of that because it is so relatable.

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    1. Well maybe between the two of us we can come up with some understanding! I’ve actually learned a lot about the way I react. The one thing I can tell you right now is a lot of it comes from a subconscious sense of self-preservation.

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  3. Good idea… I don’t know what I want to discuss. I’m having a really tough time getting angry when I know I should be at my dad. I just posted on my blog about an incident where he could have taken me with him to escape from the abuse and he didn’t. So maybe… anger? Or inability to feel it when you know you should (and actually want to)? Make sense?

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    1. Oh man – I was posting on your post just as you were posting this! What are the chances? I know exactly what you mean and it is something I definitely want to write about. For 4 years I suppressed my emotions – all of them. I wouldn’t let myself feel them and there were reasons for that. I think I will post about this soon! HUGS!

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  4. I have been through a lot. Infact, I still have depression and anxiety. I would really like if you discuss about the negativity in your life. How can one prevent negative thoughts when there is nothing positive going in his/her life?

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